День 0. Покидая Москву.

Пятница, окончание рабочего дня должно завершится на пару часов раньше обычного. Встречаемся в центре города, пожимаем друг другу руки и направляемся в любое выбранное кафе, принимаем обед, неторопливо двигаемся к Ленинградскому вокзалу.

16:50 — отправление Поезда №160В “Москва — Петрозаводск”. Поездная романтика. …

Today i’d like to share new features that i was fascinated with in while ckecking fucntionalitty of Amara Finance.

At first, guys walking through the way of collaboration and now it’s transmitted with Chainlink too:

It’s cool because multi-chain platform must be connected to the variety of services as i understand it.

Then, guys implemented new trend — NFT KYC that means that elegible participants are proofed by unique NFT instead of ordinary account data as usual. The forwerds of industry are already included this feature and it’s cool.

And the most appreciate thing — is a well-stagerd ambassador management. It;’s well supported, multi-language and got a lot of hints and drops for participants wjo active enough:

Feel free to invite!

We are still loking forward newscomers.

Amara committed to be the most popular financial hub on Polkadot and be the bridge to connect and exchange assets in the crypto world. Amara is poised to bring as many assets as possible into Polkadot ecosystem and provide all-chain service on asset management.

Rather than merely a lending protocol…

Немного о понятии DeFi и истории создания DeFi-Protocol GoldFinch

Платформы децентрализованного кредитования (DeFI) существуют уже много лет, тренд на DeFI появился еще в 2019 году, что по стандартам криптовалютного рынка довольно долгое время. Фактически, DeFI — это своего рода большая биржа, которая поддерживается и контролируется не централизованными биржами, а смарт-подрядчиками…

Logo of the project

Here is the new amusement features of currently testneted blockchain project “Parastate” i’d like to share with you.

Do you even imagine that project based on Substrate blockchains as Plokadot (well-known modern brand as for me), but provides much more efficintly. …

You know, how it works, markets are developing and growing rapidly, crypro market is not an exception and now i’d like to ontroduce new loan-based crypto project.

It’s called “Goldfinch” and it is in testnet stage.

The service provides financilal issues, loans in crypto for companies. …

Perks of being a part of early community.

Nearly I think about how difficult someone would became as well-known member of well-known community or society – from YouTube users till establishment, business and politics.

As I see it so far – it’s kind of hardiest work in your life to…

Это пошаговая инструкция по запуску ноды Parastate и настройке валидатора в проекте ParaState.

Рекомендуемые параметры ПК

  • CPU: 2.0 GHz x86–64 CPU
  • Memory: 8GB RAM
  • Disk: 500GB High-Speed Storage (SSD)
  • Ubuntu 18.04 or Ubuntu 20.04

Шаг 1. Подготовка компонентов

apt update 
apt install -y \
software-properties-common \
wget \
cmake \
ninja-build \…

As i said previously, JoyStream is a brilliant example of DAO-based blockchain project that is currently in testnet stage. Video service ruled by it’s own members, sounds extremly different in comprison of other well-known video services.

Important feature of decentralized autonomus operated process is the Council. …


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