Amara committed to be the most popular financial hub on Polkadot and be the bridge to connect and exchange assets in the crypto world. Amara is poised to bring as many assets as possible into Polkadot ecosystem and provide all-chain service on asset management.

Rather than merely a lending protocol, Amara also expands its business to various financial derivatives including NFT, variable interest rate, lossless lottery, etc. Eventually Amara will become a multi-chain asset DeFi pan-finance hub on Polkadot ecosystem.
We believe Polkadot has an overwhelming edge over Ethereum network, standing on the shoulder of which, Amara is endeavoring to bring real benefits to crypto world users.

Nowdays, as we can see it, it’s time to developing DeFi services and a lot of opportunities to jump up into ambassador programms. I’d like you to pay attention for this one:

It looks pretty classic — tasks, multi-language community, bonuses and new expirience.

Sounds freaking promising, isn’t it?

App is ready to test and deposit!

Also you can follow Tweetter:

No hesistation, just get on the board of DeFi!