KYVE. Explanatory story. Testnet short guide.

Today i’d like to introduce new high-promising project called KYVE.

All the proper links will be attached below.

  1. Core idea.

KYVE is an initiative to store any data stream, with built-in validation. By leveraging the Arweave blockchain, KYVE can permanently and immutably store this data. Other words, building of decentralized datalake.

Pic. 1 Scheme of cooperation KYVE module with others.

The network is powered by decentralised uploaders and validators. These nodes reside in pools, each pool focusing on archiving a specific data stream.

Nodes are incentivised by a unique staking system, which involves them locking their $KYVE tokens while being active in the pool. Validators will vote on whether the designated archiver is properly doing its job — sounds like community organized decisions. And this is a good way to show up your skills in testnet that just launched.

2. Korellia tesnet. Testnet activities.

Here is pretty simple and understandable set of tasks, you see it plenty times before. But, as i see it, it is much better structurized and well-designed. Pay attention to my short video guide on youtube (just tap on the youtube word).

You can provide services of several types:

  • Marketing (explanatory stories, video guides, meme content, tweeting etc,);
  • Tech issues (Node running, bug-reporting and etc);
  • Voting and governance (community impact).

More activities includes in Korellia profile, spend your time to discover it according to my guide.

3. Reward system.

Every each activity will be rewarded by special points. There is Leaderboard that counts all the points and show progress of community.

Then it will be convert to something another, stay tuned for updates.

Useful links: — information starter pack; — main site; — restnet Korellia main page; — my short video guide

My wallet is kyve1pjaa67hj2an5ysz27spratkz2jpu8ckyxf6hmf.




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