ParaState and it’s internal features

Here is the new amusement features of currently testneted blockchain project “Parastate” i’d like to share with you.

Do you even imagine that project based on Substrate blockchains as Plokadot (well-known modern brand as for me), but provides much more efficintly. As you know, the main factor is TPS (transaction per second), here is this numbers is quitely unbelievebale.

Then, let’s dive deeper.

Paracjain utilizes the SSVM, recognized by IEEE as the fastest software execution sandbox to execute smart contracts.

For best understanding it’s must have to provide your first smart cointract on solidity, sandbox gives you an oppotunity to act.

The languages of programming is quity variety. Such as — Solidity, Rust, Fe and even well-known worldwide JavaScript. The coder team are larger and stronger than ever!

Trying of deploing your smart contract here:

(Follow the sign lower and lower)

Next feature is full ETHEREUM COMPATIBILITY, givesa you pleasure to use all the tech stack of ETH.

In high prospecticve, Parastate is te tech for open-sourced development of software connected with smart contracts and parachain development.

And more than that, nowdays the ambassador programm is still open! Use this to foolow us up and join to the most promising project in parachains!




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