Umee encourages all its supporters to participate in the launch of Umeevers genesis.

Yesterday, the Umee network announced its official sale on Coinlist. Being a baseline blockchain, we are excited to build together with the community as we launch this Cross Chain DeFi Hub. Umeeverse is constantly expanding, and today we are announcing the launch of our Umeeverse Genesis! Everyone is gathered here because we believe in the same vision that the blockchain should not work in isolation, and DeFi applications have huge potential with unhindered coordination between blockchains — imagine that you earn a reward for an ATOM bet with only ETH, or for a Luna bet, using it to get a reward for Sushi liquidity mining (!!!). Umee is here to make this happen, and we’re just getting started. With over 500 participants in our first validator program, as well as an ever-evolving community of ecosystem participants, we can’t wait to make Umeeverse one of the most active and supportive communities in the entire crypto space.

Umeeverse Mission As part of this mission, members of the Umeeverse community are invited to complete various tasks and missions. These include, but are not limited to the following: Create educational content and/or translations To expand Umee’s presence in social networks Contribute to the technical discussion and development of Umee Be a validator of Umeevenger Be useful to each other in the Umee ecosystem! Procedural requirements We do not require participants to complete all tasks, although we hope that community members will be able to be as active as possible. We are grateful to our existing community members and will be glad if even more Umivers join the community ;). As part of the Umeeverse Genesis Launch, we ask participants: Follow @umee_crosschain on Twitter Retweet this tweet Like this tweet Join Umee Discord Join Umee Telegram Make a meaningful contribution and send a link